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Gutta Percha Points and Absorbent Paper Points

At Orien Dental Supplies, we proudly stock both Gutta Percha Points and Sterile absorbent paper points in a variety of sizes and configurations. Continue reading to learn more about our available paper points for dental use.

Gutta Percha Points

With taper sizes ranging from #15 to #80, and each pack containing up to 120 hand rolled points, our Gutta Percha Points provide a cost-effective solution for trained dentists conducting endodontic treatments. Flexible yet stiff, these points can be placed in and removed from the root canal of the teeth with ease. Gutta Percha Points can also be used for filling a prepared root canal prior to the restoration of a tooth.

Absorbent Paper Points

Containing up to 200 hand rolled points per pack, our absorbent paper points for dental use are another cost-effective option that features excellent absorbency. They’re also ideal for drying or maintaining a liquid disinfectant within the root canal.

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