Scaler Handpiece Products

Orien Dental Supplies is a leading destination for professional dental practitioners who require high-quality scaler handpieces. Supplied from leading brand Woodpecker, our dental handpiece products are available in two major types that are compatible with different types of scalers.

Titanium Scaler Handpieces

At Orien Dental Supplies, we stock a variety of scaler handpiece options that are compatible with different types of scalers, including DTE, Satelec, Woodpecker and EMS scalers. Made from titanium, each dental high speed handpiece comes with one year of warranty and is available with or without LED lights. Along with the ultrasonic scaler handpiece, the package also includes instructions to assist dental practitioners with appropriate usage.

Quality Scaler Units and Accessories

In addition to our dental handpiece range, we also stock an extensive selection of scaler units and scaler accessories for you to choose from. These are designed to complement each other, helping to enhance the functionalities of your professional dental practice.

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