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Dental Alginate Impression Material

Orien Dental Supplies is proud to stock a quality selection of dental alginate, including Chromaspeed HD and Ortho. Our versatile alginate impression material is suitable for various applications, including orthodontic work and general dental impressions.

High-Precision Alginate

Chromaspeed HD is a precise alginate impression material that features a chromatic colour change. This feature indicates when the impression material is ready for filling in tray, ready for insertion into the oral cavity, and ready for removal. Available in a pleasant mint flavour, Chromaspeed HD provides highly accurate impressions in the mouth in only 30 seconds, with precision up to 15 microns.

Orthodontic Alginate

Similar to Chromaspeed HD, Chromaspeed Ortho is another dentist alginate product with chromatic colour changes indicating when to fill, insert and remove. Designed especially for orthodontic work, this alginate impression material has a higher elasticity that makes it ideal for orthodontic impressions. Chromaspeed Ortho only takes 30 seconds for the impression to set in the mouth and is available in a strawberry flavour.

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