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Bulk Toothbrushes

The toothbrush is critical in oral healthcare. That’s why you’ll only find top-quality solutions at Orien Dental Supplies. Buy toothbrushes in bulk from our online store today. You’ll find options from all the best-known brands, including Colgate, TePe, Kolors, Paro and many more. Shop a wide range of toothbrushes in bulk at Orien Dental Supplies.

Buy quality toothbrushes in bulk in Australia

When you’re ordering something like toothbrushes in bulk, you want to know you’re ordering a quality product. We believe that quality dental care starts with superior tools. That's why each toothbrush in our collection undergoes rigorous testing for durability, effectiveness, and comfort by our in-house team of dentists. Trust Orien Dental Supplies when you’re ordering toothbrushes in bulk.

Types of Toothbrushes to Meet Diverse Oral Care Needs

Every individual's oral care needs are unique. Whether it's a soft brush for sensitive gums or a specialised implant brush, we've got you covered. Within our collection of bulk toothbrushes, you’ll find brushes in a range of sizes and for speciality uses - so you can offer personalised oral care solutions to their patients.

Adult Bulk Toothbrushes

Our adult range combines comfort and effectiveness, ensuring optimal plaque removal and gum health.

Kids Bulk Toothbrushes

Specially designed for little mouths, these brushes are both fun and functional, making oral care a breeze for young ones.

Soft Bulk Toothbrushes

  • Extra Soft and Soft Brushes: Perfect for sensitive gums and teeth.

Specialised Bulk Toothbrushes

  • Denture Brush: Designed to meticulously clean dentures, bridges, and crowns.
  • Implant and Ortho Brushes: These are toothbrushes for people with implants or orthodontic appliances.
  • Tuft Brush: A small angled brush with a dome-shaped tuft - perfect for hard-to-reach areas and precision cleaning.

Looking for more information about our range of toothbrushes available in bulk? Give our sales team a call! They know our collection inside out and can help you identify the right product.

Why should you buy toothbrushes in bulk?

There are several benefits to buying toothbrushes for your practice in bulk:

Cost savings: Purchasing toothbrushes in bulk generally results in a lower unit cost. These savings can then be passed on to patients or allocated to other necessary expenses in the practice.

Patient Education and Promotion: Use toothbrushes as educational tools during patient visits. You can demonstrate the proper brushing technique or provide a specialised toothbrush to a patient who needs one. Buying toothbrushes in bulk significantly reduces costs for your practice - so you can focus on giving toothbrushes to patients who need the reminder to practise good dental care.

Convenience: Having a large supply of toothbrushes on hand eliminates the need for frequent reordering, which saves time that can be better spent on patient care or other aspects of managing the dental practice. It also ensures you won't run out of toothbrushes at inconvenient times, like during a promotional event or busy period.

Choose Orien Dental Supplies for Quick Order Dispatch and a money-back guarantee

It’s easy to create an account at Orien Dental Supplies, so you can streamline your ordering process and save time. We also understand the importance of timely delivery, too, so we pride ourselves on a quick order dispatch and getting your supplies out to you as soon as possible. Not happy with your order of bulk toothbrushes or any of our other products? Contact our team today: we offer a money-back guarantee for supplies that don’t meet the standards.

You can trust Orien Dental Supplies with all of your dental supplies. Place your bulk order with us today.

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