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Dental Prophy Products

Orien Dental Supplies is proud to offer a wide array of dental prophylaxis products, including dental prophy rings, brushes, cups, strips and prophy paste.

We stock disposable dental prophy rings that are ideal for preventing cross contamination. Available in assorted colours, these rings provide easy access to prophy during patient procedures. We also offer pre-filled prophy rings that contain fresh mint, bubble gum or wild berry flavoured paste, providing a complete solution for added convenience.

In addition, we stock a range of other accessories designed for use with prophy paste, including a variety of brushes. Our nylon bristled prophy brushes are available in numerous options, including flat end, pointed end and cup type. We also offer latex cups that are webbed and ribbed and available in either screw in or snap on, as well as non-latex cups in assorted colours. We also supply prophylactic strips that feature circular micro blades and provide effective, non-abrasive tartar removal.

Prophy Paste

We stock dental prophy paste in several variations, including a splatter-free formula that contains fluoride in addition to cleaning and polishing agents. Choose from a wide range of different flavours from leading brands such as Optum, Defend and Ainsworth, suitable for use with our extensive range of dental prophy brushes, cups and bristles.

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