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Dental Bond and Etch

Orien Dental Supplies is a leading online supplier of a variety of dental bond products, including etch gels, etch kits, self-etching primers and bonding agents.

Our dental bond range includes a selection of etch gels for tooth preparation. Containing 37% phosphoric acid, these etch gels have a consistency for easy handling and ideal viscosity. They also wash away easily and cleanly, ensuring a tidy result.

We also offer a range of convenient etch kits, available in three varieties: a silane kit, a silane/porcelain etch kit, or a porcelain etch bulk kit, each containing 9% hydrofluoric acid.

Other Bonding Products

Quickbond is an acidic water based primer and adhesive system that’s ideal for bonding all filling materials, resin cements, crowns, bridges, inlays and more. Using a two-step system of self-etching primer and bonding agent, it can achieve high bond values to both dentine and enamel.

We also stock Iperbond Ultra, a dental bond product with fantastic self-curing properties. Quick to apply and with great adaption to enamel and dentine, this product can be used with or without etching first due to its self-etching mode, delivering reliable bonding and fantastic results. It has also received an Editors’ Choice award by the Dental Advisor with a 4.5 / 5 star rating.

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