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Dental Articulating Products

Orien Dental Supplies proudly stocks a comprehensive range of dental articulating products, including metallic films, articulating paper, articulating paper forceps, occlusion sprays, and more. Browse our selection today to find the dental articulating supplies that are right for your dental practice.

Articulating Films & Papers

Our dental articulating product range contains foil films and papers to satisfy all your articulating needs, including options from leading brands such as Bausch and J.R. Rand. Choose from thin and tear-resistant options in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

Other Dental Articulating Supplies

In addition to articulating films and paper, we can also provide the following dental articulating products:

  • Articulating accessories, including Fleximeter Strips and the Aqua Splint
  • Articulating paper forceps from Derby and Bausch
  • Articulating silk
  • Articulating sprays, liquids and pastes, available separately or in sets
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