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Core build-up materials play a vital role in restorative dentistry, specifically when significant tooth structure is lost and requires reinforcement before placement of a crown or bridge. These materials essentially rebuild the tooth core, creating a strong and stable foundation for the final restoration.

Restoring Strength and Functionality

The Orien Dental Supplies offers a comprehensive selection of core build-up materials from leading brands like Itena Dentocore and Kulzer Venus. These materials boast various advantages:

  • Itena Dentocore: This dual-cure composite core material features a proprietary nano-filler formula for exceptional strength and radiopacity. Dentocore offers excellent handling with easy sculpting and ensures a secure bond with luting cements.
  • Kulzer Venus: The Venus Core material from Kulzer utilizes silane coupling agents to create a strong chemical bond between the composite core material and the tooth dentin. Silane molecules have a unique structure, with one end bonding to the inorganic component of dentin (hydroxyapatite) and the other end bonding to the organic components of the composite resin. Venus Core comes in various shades for optimal aesthetics when the final crown requires minimal opaquing.

The Advantages of Composite Core Build-Up Materials

Composite core build-up materials offer several advantages over traditional methods like amalgam:

  • Durability: Composites boast excellent strength and can withstand the occlusal forces exerted on posterior restorations.
  • Adhesive Compatibility: Composites bond chemically to tooth structure and dental adhesives, creating a more secure and long-lasting restoration.
  • Esthetics: Certain core build-up materials come in shades that minimize the need for opaquing agents when placing a translucent crown.

By utilizing high-quality core build-up materials and following proper application techniques, dental professionals can ensure the longevity and success of crown and bridge restorations.

Partner with Orien Dental Supplies for Your Core Build-Up Needs

At Orien Dental Supplies, we understand the importance of having access to reliable and innovative dental materials. Our selection of core build-up materials, including Dentocore and Kulzer Venus, empowers dentists to achieve optimal clinical outcomes for their patients. We also provide the following dental composites:

Contact Orien Dental Supplies today to discuss your core build-up material needs and explore our full range of restorative dentistry solutions. We can provide the products and support you need to deliver exceptional patient care.

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