Dental Flowable Composites 

Flowable composites are a revolutionary advancement in minimally invasive dentistry. Unlike traditional, packable composites, they boast a much lower viscosity, making them ideal for restorations requiring precise placement and adaptation.

Unmatched Fluidity and Versatility

Due to their flowable nature, these composites excel in:

  • Small cavity restorations: Their easy penetration into intricate areas minimizes tooth structure removal.
  • Liner placements: They form a protective barrier between the tooth and restorative material.
  • Cervical erosion repairs: They effectively address exposed dentin near the gum line.
  • Restorative layering: They can be used as a base layer for improved aesthetics.

Leading Brands and Innovations

The Orien Dental Supplies carries top-of-the-line flowable composites from trusted brands:

  • Reflectys: Reflectys flowable composites provide dentists with greater control for precise sculpting and optimal aesthetic results. This extended working time ensures the composite remains pliable for a longer duration, enabling dentists to meticulously manipulate the material and achieve the desired shape before light curing. Additionally, Reflectys composites boast exceptional polishability for a natural-looking, long-lasting finish.
  • Kulzer Venus: Celebrated for their innovative filler technology that incorporates nano-sized particles for superior strength, durability, and reduced shrinkage. This translates to long-lasting restorations that resist chipping and wear, minimizing the need for future repairs.

Choosing the Right Flowable Composite

Selecting the ideal flowable composite hinges on several factors. Here is a comparison to help you make your choice:

Viscosity Comparison

  • Reflectys composites generally come in a wider range of viscosities, offering options for both highly precise applications and broader coverage.
  • Kulzer Venus composites tend to focus on a more mid-range viscosity, ideal for general-purpose flowable composite applications.

Curing Time Comparison

Both Reflectys and Kulzer Venus offer light-cured composites for fast and efficient procedures.

  • Reflectys may also provide self-cured or dual-cure options for situations where light access is limited.

Shade Range Comparison

  • Both brands deliver a comprehensive shade range to accommodate various tooth colors. However, Reflectys might boast a slight edge in shade variety for achieving the most natural-looking restorations.

We understand that selecting the perfect flowable composite requires careful consideration. Contact our knowledgeable staff for personalized recommendations based on your specific clinical requirements.

Buy Flowable Composite at Orien Dental Supplies

At The Orien Dental Supplies, we are committed to equipping dental professionals with the most advanced and versatile tools for achieving optimal patient outcomes. Our curated selection of flowable composites from leading brands like Reflectys and Kulzer Venus empowers you to excel in minimally invasive dentistry. We also provide other dental composites:

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