Starter Kit - Sectional Contoured Matrices Pack 30 - Tor VM

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0.035mm thickness, Soft (TOR100)TOR100
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0.035mm thickness, Hard (TOR102)TOR102
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0.050mm thickness, Soft (TOR101)TOR101
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0.050mm thickness, Hard (TOR103)TOR103
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  • Contains an assortment of all 6 sizes of Sectional countoured matrices: Small(10), Small with Ledge(3), Medium(5), Medium with Ledge(4), Large(5), Large with Ledge(3). The kit also contains a ring for matrice placement.
  • Available in either 0.035mm thickness or 0.050mm thickness.
  • Available in a soft or hard composition assortment.
  • Matrices with 0.035mm thickness are more effective for restoration of small decays.
  • Matrices of 0.05mm thickness are intended for restoration of large decays in the subgingival area. Such matrices retain the shape well.
  • Hard matrices are easy to install whereas soft matrices are easily adapted for contact point formation.
  • 30 pcs + ring per kit
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