Sterilization Indicator Tape - 3M

Sterilization Indicator Tape - 3M

Product Code : VM-3M2555
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The 3M Comply Indicator Tape is a Class 1 process indicator available in 25mm width with a length of 55m.


Class 1 - Process Indicator 

  • Class 1 Comply indicator Tape is intended for use on individual packs of wrapped instruments to demonstrate  that the unit has been exposed to the sterilization process .
  •  Class 1 indicators include inks which change colour which are incorporated into thepaper of an autoclave bag or pouch, and indicator tape with diagonal  stripes which is used to either seal packs or as a specific indicator e.g. Steamsterilzer indicating tapes.
  • The Indicator Tape usually fail only when there is gross malfunction of the steam sterilzer.
  • In all autoclaves a Class 1 indicator such as indicator tape must be used on the exterior of all packaged items.*


  (Price is per roll)


1. Australian Dental Association, Guidelines for Infection Control.

2. Australian Dental Association, Practical Guides to Infection Control

3. AS/NZS 4187:2003


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