TEPE - Oral health and healthy aging - November 10th, 5 PM (AEST)

Today, people of greater ages keep their teeth longer. “Older people” are not a homogeneous group - some are healthy with healthy teeth and others have oral diseases, often in combination with a worsened general health. Thus, authorities and researchers suggest that different oral health strategies are needed, including more knowledge about oral health for this group but also oral health interventions that promote healthy aging. The presentation will give scientific evidence-based knowledge as well as clinical aspects on healthy aging from an oral health perspective.

Webinar Date & Time: November 10th, 5 PM (AEST)


  • To provide knowledge about healthy aging from an oral health and health-promoting perspective in theory and practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • To have an understanding of the importance of sustainable oral health for older people
  • To have knowledge and understanding of preventive health strategies to improve the quality of care for older people
  • To have knowledge about health promotion strategies in an aging population

About the speaker

Ulrika Lindmark holds a position as associate professor and research manager at Karlstad University in Sweden. She previously worked as an associate professor at Jönköping University. Her career in dentistry started with studies to become a dental nurse, with further studies to become a dental hygienist and, after a position as a junior lecturer at Jönköping University, PhD-studies which lead to a doctoral thesis on Oral Health and Sense of Coherence. Ulrika has since her Ph.D. in 2010 published 25 articles in international scientific journals and peer-reviewed articles for several scientific journals. She is the co-author of three academic books covering Aging and oral health, Gerodontology, and Dentistry as a health-promoting arena. She has international teaching experience, most recently in 2019, as a guest professor at Ohio State University. Ulrika’s primary fields of interest are oral health promotion, oral health in the elderly, and salutogenic approaches to dentistry.

10 November 2021
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