Yellowstone - Ainsworth

Yellowstone - Ainsworth

5KG Pail (AW-YS5KG)+ $48.80 (9 In Stock)
20KG Pail (AW-YS20KG)+ $130.00 (0 In Stock)
20KG Bag (AW-YS20B)+ $121.60 (0 In Stock)
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  • Super smooth pouring, excellent hardness and very low setting expansion make this the ideal dental stone for most laboratory processing tasks.
  • Ainsworth Yellowstone is a modern classic, trusted by thousands of professionals for its unique physical properties.
  • It sets to a smooth, shiny surface and offers minimal splintering when grinding.

Available in 20KG Pail and Bag or 5KG Pail. ( Price is per bag / pail)


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