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2.5mm Wide, XXF Grit ( SFDS-0001)SFDS-0001
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2.5mm Wide, Fine Grit ( SFDS-0003)SFDS-0003
3.75mm Wide, XXF Grit ( SFDS-0005)SFDS-0005
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3.75mm Wide, SF Grit ( SFDS-0006)SFDS-0006
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A new Super Finish Diamond Strip for Composite Finish

  • The new SF-DS combines the advantages of the traditional metal backing diamond strips and the widely used flexible abrasive ( PET) strips.
  • Allows working with diamond grits, to acheive longer life and allows a better finish yet on the PET flexible strong, backing material.
  • These strips will not bend, break or twist.

Available in 2 Width Sizes: 2.5mm or 3.75mm :

Single Grit Packs: 178mm Length , 30 strips / pack

Assorted Grit Packs: 178mm Length , 45 strips / pack

  • 3 Grits Available: Fine, Super Fine & 2X Fine
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