Dental Distilled Water Machine

Maintaining a sanitised environment and prioritising patient safety is vital in dental practice. Our water distillers provide the foundation for both, offering pristine, mineral-free water essential for sterilisation, procedures, and even patient comfort.

Distilled Water For Medical Equipment

Distilled water undergoes a boiling and condensation process, eliminating virtually all contaminants, ensuring proper equipment function and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Beyond purification, distilled water has other advantages.

  • Protects Equipment: Distilled water prevents harmful mineral buildup, extending the lifespan of delicate dental tools.
  • Improves Performance: Pure distilled water ensures optimal performance and hygiene for mixing solutions and rinsing instruments throughout procedures.
  • Enhanced Patient Comfort: Many patients appreciate the taste and purity of distilled water, especially during sensitive procedures.

Advantages of Water Distillers in Dental Clinics

Water distillers provide long-term benefits beyond purification and patient safety. Using distilled water for medical use is a sustainable practice that eliminates the need for bottled or filtered water, which is both cost-effective and eco-friendly. While it reduces the use of plastic, it also uses less water compared to alternative water purification methods.


Maintaining Distilled Water For Medical Use

Proper maintenance allows a water distiller to perform at its best and gives it longevity. Doing these steps will improve its lifespan significantly:

  • Regular Cleaning: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the chamber and mineral deposits regularly.
  • Filter Replacements: Replace pre-filters and polishing filters according to the manufacturer's schedule for optimal water quality.
  • Purity Checks: Conduct regular conductivity tests to confirm your distilled water's purity.


Buy Distilled Water For Medical Use

Our diverse range of water distillers caters to the needs of your dental practice. Whether you require compact countertop models or high-capacity units, we offer the perfect solution to achieve unmatched water purity, superior patient care, and sustainable operations.

Contact Orien Dental Supplies today to discuss your needs and discover how our water distillers can improve your practice to new safety, efficiency, and patient satisfaction levels.

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