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Special Use Burs – Orthodontic Burs, Bone Cutting Burs and More

At Orien Dental Supplies, our wide range of burs includes a selection of versatile and high-quality special use burs, including dental polishing burs in a variety of shapes as well as orthodontic burs for adhesive removal. Our online specialty bur range can provide you with the specific burs you need for a range of special applications.

Orthodontic Burs and Dental Polishing Burs

We’re proud to stock affordably priced dental polishing burs in various designs and shapes, including egg, round, and round-end taper. Suitable for polishing all types of composites, these burs are available in cost-effective packs of six. We also stock a great range of orthodontic burs that are constructed from strong and durable tungsten carbide.

Bone Cutting Burs

We stock several types of bone cutting burs, including Lindemann Burs, Zekrya Burs, and FG Endo Access Burs. Available in packs of three, these bone cutting burs are the best solution for intensive dental tasks that involve cutting through hard tissue and bone.

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