Sharps Medical Waste Disposal Products

Orien Dental Supplies is proud to offer solutions for dental practices requiring a safe method of disposing of sharps waste. Our available products include needle disposal boxes in numerous sizes as well as a scalpel blade remover and blade flask.

Terumo Sharps Containers

As leading sharps bin suppliers in Australia, we offer an excellent selection of Terumo sharps containers. Available in sizes ranging from 1.4L through to 10L, each needle disposal container features a screw lid and comes in a bright yellow colour to indicate its use as a sharps waste container.

Scalpel Blade Removal Device

For dental practices requiring sharps medical waste disposal for scalpel blades, we offer the BladeFLASK Qlicksmart scalpel blade removal device. This innovative scalpel blade remover allows for safe single-handed removal, with removed blades falling safely into a blade flask.

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