Articulating Sprays, Liquids & Dental Grinding Paste

At Orien Dental Supplies, we’re proud to stock an excellent selection of articulating sprays, liquids and pastes for dental practices. Within our range, you’ll find Arti-Spot high spot indicator from Bausch, sore spot indicator pastes, Bausch Arti-Brux occlusal indicator paint and much more. In addition to these products, we also stock Bausch Arti-Spray and dental grinding paste.

Arti-Spray from Bausch

Bausch Arti-Spray is ideal for testing occlusal contacts to ensure accurate fitting of bridges and crowns. Available in white, red, blue and green aerosol sprays, Arti-Spray is easy to handle and can be easily removed with water without leaving any residue behind.

Dental Grinding Paste

Dental grinding paste from Bausch contains the perfect level of abrasion to smooth and polish trouble spots. Featuring a 20 micron silicone carbide, it’s suitable for minimal interference corrections and is available in a 30g tube.

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