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Dental Articulating Paper At Orien Dental Supplies

Orien Dental Supplies stocks an impressive selection of dental articulating paper, including options from reputable manufacturers such as Bausch and J.R. Rand. Whether you need micro-thin strips or horseshoe-shaped papers, we will surely have the products to keep your dental practice adequately stocked.


Bausch Articulating Paper

We stock a wide range of Bausch articulating paper, including micro-thin papers that are thin yet tear-resistant. Featuring progressive colour transfer, resulting in a darker mark with a harder bite, these papers make it easy to locate high spots and identify problems with a patient’s bite.


J.R. Rand Articulating Paper

J.R. Rand dental articulating paper is soft, smooth and highly sensitive, making it a popular choice. Able to conform easily to the contours of a tooth, this paper can be relied on to provide accurate markings.


Purchase Articulating Paper From Orient Dental Supplies

By incorporating articulating paper into your practice and prioritising proper dental care, you can elevate your dental procedures' efficiency and safety, improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. Orien Dental Supplies also provides the following:

Shop at Orien Dental Supplies if you’re looking to supply articulating paper and discover what we offer.

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