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FG Diamond Burs

Every dental professional should be meticulous in selecting dental burs. After all, each bur has a unique function that impacts the quality of services you deliver. At Orien Dental Supplies, you can rely on our FG dental burs. We curated each item to ensure you perform at your best. We only supply the top-grade FG dental burs, helping you refine your dental practice.

Diamond Dental Burs

Diamond dental burs provide a strong, high-quality solution for cutting tooth and bone, making them ideal for any restorative procedure. Orien Dental Supplies is proud to stock a variety of high-quality diamond dental burs, including FG diamond burs manufactured by Strauss & Co. These are microscopically tested and go through strict quality control to ensure top-quality, 100% controlled burs. They’re made using a special plating method to ensure an even, homogenised diamond surface, allowing them to deliver the best tooth reduction for dental procedures.

Choose from a Range of Sizes & Shapes

Our selection of Strauss & Co FG diamond dental burs includes a variety of sizes and shapes, including torpedo, round wheel, barrel, pointed cylinder, needle, pear, double inverted cone, flame, round end taper, and many more.

We can also supply hinged bur blocks for easy storage and access. Choose from 15 or 27 holed options that are autoclavable and made from quality aluminium.

Trust Orien Dental Supplies for top-quality FG burs

Whether you're selecting FG diamond burs or other variants, you can trust the unmatched quality of Orien Dental Supplies products. We partner with top brands and regularly refresh our stock, ensuring you access the newest and most effective dental burs. Choose our reliable and advanced FG diamond burs today.

If you’re looking for other burs, we also stock diamond, RA diamond, FG composite finishing and Zirconia FG burs.

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