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Dental Laboratory Supplies

Orien Dental Supplies is proud to stock an impressive range of dental laboratory supplies online, including a great selection of orthodontic supplies in Australia. With a range that has everything from articulation products and denture accessories through to supplies for dental lab equipment, you’re sure to find the products you need.

Discover Our Vast Range of Dental Laboratory Supplies

Within our range of dental laboratory supplies and orthodontic supplies in Australia, you’ll find:

  • Articulation products, including articulating forceps, silks and films
  • Brushes and buffs
  • Burners and torches, including gas refills
  • Stones and plasters in a range of varieties
  • Waxes, including bite and modelling waxes
  • Retainer cases and denture boxes
  • Mouthguard and whitening blanks in a range of colours
  • Denture accessories, including denture cleansing tablets, denture baths and denture adhesives
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