Green Card T - Air Removal Penetration Test

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Class 2 - Indicators for use in Specific Test

  • such as an Air Removal Test ( either Bowie-Dick-Type test for use when processing porous loads of cotton rolls, gauze post extraction packs, cotton wool and the like or a Process Challenge Device (PCD) to be used for general dental instruments, particularly hollow instruments) which measures the effectiveness of air removal and even penetration of steam in a pre-vacuum sterilizer.
  • In using a pre-vacuum autoclave, a Class 2 Air Removal Test must be run each day (the very first empty cycle of the morning) to test the ability of the vacuum pump system to remove air adequately.*

Air Removal & Steam Penetration Test ( Bowie Dick Type Test)

  • The Green Card T is specially packaged for daily monitoring of pre-vacuum steam sterilizers operating at 134 degrees Celcius to detect the presence of residual air.
  • Residual air can defeat pre-vacuum steam sterilization.
  • The special pouch packaging prevents the indicator card from being exposed to excessively wet steam conditions that are sometimes present in Benchtop sterilizers.
  • Simply clip the pouch containing the Green Card to your autoclave rack and process.
  • A Uniform green colour change of the matrix signifies a pass.

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