Hollow Load Helix Test - Sterintech

Hollow Load Helix Test - Sterintech

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 Class 2 - Indicators for use in Specific Test

  • such as an Air Removal Test / Helix Test ( either Bowie-Dick-Type test for use when processing porous loads of cotton rolls,  gauze post extraction packs, cotton wool and the like or a Process Challenge Device (PCD) to be used for general dental instruments,  particularly hollow instruments) which measures the effectiveness of air removal and even penetration of steam in a pre-vacuum sterilizer.
  • In using a pre-vacuum autoclave, a Class 2 Air Removal Test must be run each day (the very first empty cycle of the morning) to test the ability of the vacuum pump system to remove air adequately.*


The Sterintech Bowie Dick Helix Test for Hollow Loads are proven to detect sterilizer failures much earlier than other types of chemical indicators or integrators.

The EN 285-2009 specifies that the helix test (hollow A) is an obligatory test for class B Bench Top Steam Sterilizers.

Features & Advantages

  • Conform to ISO 11140-1 Type 2- EN867 part 5 class B
  • Clear transition of colour from blue to pink.
  • Easy to interpret
  • Multiple indicator test strips printed on each sheet allowing easier storage and selection.
  • 250 test strips + device per kit

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