Kulzer Memosil 2 Bite Registration Material 2 x 50ml

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MEMOSIL 2 is a transparent A-silicone for special indications. Its transparency allows optical control when positioning aids (e.g. X-ray pellets). Light-curing is possible for filling and fixative materials through placeholders with MEMOSIL 2. 

The material is best suited for use as an occlusal stamp for light-curing posterior composites, an anterior stamp for provisionals, fillings and veneers, a fixation material for x-ray measuring spheres when planning implants and a transfer matrix for bracket constructions on the plaster model.


  • Optical control: Its transparency facilitates the positioning of aids. It also allows light curing of composites and fillings through the material. 
  • More hygiene: Processing of MEMOSIL 2 is clean and hygienic due to its direct and sterile application. 
  • Time saving: MEMOSIL 2 can be applied directly into the patient's mouth. 
  • Treatment comfort: Thanks to its short time in mouth and the neutral taste and odour, patients are more at ease. 
  • Automix: The automix cartridge system saves you time and reduces the risk of registration errors.
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