Swann-Morton Surgical Blades No.20, Box of 100

0% of 100
  • Unsurpassed Sharpness - A blade that's not only initially sharper - but remains sharp - is the result of over 50 years commitment to product innovation. The molecular structure of the carbon steel delivers consistently sharper edge that dentists have come to expect.
  • Superior Feel- To allow greater control of the blade during incision, the blades utilize a microscopically serrated ' open edge' on one side of the blade. This open edge gives you greater fingertip feel in assessing both the depth and pressure of the required incision.
  • VPI Protected- Every box contains a vapour inhibitor, which is a thin layer of paper that absorbs any moisture that may become trapped within the box, eliminating the possibility of rust formation on the blade. The blade is therefore presented in an optimum state for you to work with.
  • Fit handles 3, 3L, 7, 9 and B3
  • 100 pieces / box
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