The Aqua Splint

The Aqua Splint
Product Code : AQ-K
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The Aqua Splint is used in the treatment of TMD and orofacial pain.

Provides immediate pain relief and muscle relaxation without impressions, bite registration , or laboratory fabrication.

The only self-adjusting customisable TMD bite splint applicable even during orthodontic treatment (prior blocking out of brackets with protection wax) (see image)

How does it work?


The 2 water pads, connected by a tube, provide a hydrostatic effect to place the mandible in a balanced position.

As a result, the jaw position and occlusal contacts become levelled and harmonious.


  • Self adjusting
  • Inserted in minutes

  • Immeadiate pain relief

  • worn 10 hours per day

  • acheieves muscle relaxation

  • 4-6 week life span

  • provides a differential diagnosis of neck disorder syndrome and tinnitus


(price is per splint)


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