Iperbond Max Universal Adhesive, 5ml Bottle

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Itena's Iperbond Max is a universal adhesive (8th generation) single-component, self-etching and light-curing for a reliable adhesion in just one stage. Based on a 4-META and 10-MDP acid monomers, which act as powerful structuring agents, providing a very tenacious bond to both dentine and enamel.
  • Universal Adhesive: etching, primer and adhesive resin in a single product. 
  • Optimal viscosity and thixotropy: adhesion via a homogenous layer without excesses.
  • Material stable over time: does not require storage in a refrigerator. 
  • Gentle etching, which reduces risk of hypersensitivity (2 > pH > 2.5)
  • Only 10 seconds of curing time! 
  • 5ml Bottle
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